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Meet The Team


Trisha Wells BS, BCBC

Marriage, Family Counseling/Faith-Based Counseling/Life Coaching/Woman's Issues


My specialty is working with couples in crisis as well as those who want to improve their relationship. I

work with couples to promote healthy communication, conflict resolution, and forgiveness. I am certified in the Gottman Couples Method and have a diploma in Biblical counseling. I have additional training in

healing a marriage after an affair. I enjoy working with women on self-esteem, self-worth, achieving

personal goals, anxiety, and depression. Facing the ‘empty nest’ is also an area that I assist women

through and how to redefine their role once the children have left home. I work with teens and their parents by helping them establish appropriate boundaries and maintaining a healthy relationship. I’m trained in Active Parenting of Teens and Cooperative Parenting and Divorce. I’ve been married over 30 years, have 6 children, and over 20 years of experience working with women, couples and families.


Michele Pappas MA

Grief/Marriage/Addiction Counseling/Teens


My specialty is working with individuals and families that have experienced sudden death of a loved one, as well as walking individuals through the grief process. Grief is an area most of us do not know how to navigate. We will work on how to get through the hard times, how to honor your loved one and make a plan on how to begin to move forward. I also work with individuals that are struggling through various addictions such as drug, alcohol, gambling and food. I also work with teens and their families. The teen years can be difficult and parents may be caught off guard by rebellious behavior, lack of responsibility and communication. I assist parents on establishing effective communication and how to discuss difficult issues such as drugs and sexuality. When working with teens I will help them with communication, resisting peer pressure, and how to set boundaries. I am a certified Gottman Marriage Counselor and have a Masters degree from Liberty University in Biblical Counseling. My passion is to assist my clients in healing from life’s hurts so they can live a healthy, happy and productive life


Ruth Yorio BS, ACBC

Women’s Trauma/Teens/Anxiety/Depression/Women’s Issues


Hello, my name is Ruth Yorio. As a mother of five children and a pastor's wife since 2004, I am passionately serving the Lord and those who desire biblical direction. I have been working with

women, children, and teenagers for over 20 years and have successfully helped them make needed

changes using biblical council and practice. Much of my previous experience includes working with

victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, crisis pregnancy counseling, and those suffering with

chronic disease. Using my training and experience I help women, children, and teenagers who are

struggling with self-worth, depression, anxiety, peer pressure, miscarriage/infertility, and chronic

disease. I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Furman University and an Advanced Diploma

in Biblical Counseling from Light University. I am prepared and well-versed on common issues that

arise among women, children, and teenagers.


Justin Epps MDiv

Premarital Counseling/Teens/Men's Issues/Life Coaching


Over the past decade, I’ve worked extensively with teens, parents, men, and young adults helping them navigate spiritual and emotional crises. Using my background in communication theory and training in cognitive behavioral therapy and life coaching, I help individuals and couples resolve issues surrounding communication, conflict, sex, grief, anger, anxiety, and depression. I also use my background in biblical, pastoral, and theological education to assist clients struggling in their faith and

relationship with God. My approach is highly integrated, making use of whichever tools will best equip my clients for success and help them meet their individual goals. I aim to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can work through your struggles without judgement or fear. I have a BA in Communication from Augusta University and a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I would love to partner with you to accomplish your goals and make your story all that you want it to be.

Strong  32.jpeg


Teens,Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Panic, CBT



I have been a school counselor in a public and private setting for over 20 years.  My specialties are working with teenagers and adults to improve self-esteem and self image.  I assist clients that struggle with panic disorders and anger management.  We will work together to identify triggers and formulate a plan to successfully navigate a new path.  I also have experience working with individuals that are struggling with eating disorders.  I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help individuals who are struggling with anxiety and depression.  I also offer marriage, relationship and family counseling.

I offer assistance to athletes, coaching them through mental health toughness and competition anxiety.  I integrate mental health coaching, as well as implementing biblical truths that can be used in every day life.

I have a BS in Business and a Masters in School Counseling from The University of Georgia.  I am a Board Certified Mental Health Coach and Biblical Counselor.  I am married and have ‘2’ miracle children.

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